It expresses anger,sadness, love, energy, mellowness, memories, stories, beliefs or what ever floats your boat in a way that is universal. This blog is about something i find very important, so far one of the most important and that
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Im so obsessed with this song for some reason. The unprofessional/unorganized way they put this video together just interests me fully. I’ve watched this video more then necessary hope you guys enjoy just as much!

This song just puts me in a mood to just walk down the streets with my head looking up at the stars. Nothing but relaxation is what my body comes by. Nice work!

The song, “Gin and Juice” by: Snoop Dogg, was rated one of the 25 most powerful songs from the last 25 years

When performed by original, Snoop Dogg, on SNL in 1994, The Dogg wore a a XXL Tommy Hilfiger Shirt. The next day he changed the wardrobe of many inspired fans for Hilfiger stores were being sold out of the new trend. 

The trend was labeled “The Prepster Craze” 

" Rollin ’ down the street, smokin ’ indo , sippin ’ on gin and juice. Laid back… (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind)"

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Hi. My name is Alison but my friends/myself call me Chicken Coop. I have always been the type to write poetry, music or etc. When i gain years i would love to write for SPIN magazine but for now i shall write you guys. This blog is based on my passion, music. I have experience in such field for i participate in my schools marching/concert band while playing the trumpet. I also have knowledge in the guitar, piano and drums. When bored on nights where i found my self anti-social, i would pick up an instrument and teach it to myself. I continue to do this because i am one to broaden my horizons. Along with playing music i as well love listening to music. My favorite generes range from Underground Hip Hop, Indie Rap, Indie Rock, Reggae, Acoustic, Rap, Acid Rap, RnB or Blue Grass. I have so many favorite artists that listing just one doesn’t seem possible. But a few would be Frank Ocean, Immortal Technique, Atmosphere, J. Cole, The Weepies, The Kooks, Bob Marley, The Dodos, The Mountain Goats, Miike Snow, and etc. I found myself listening to music all hours of the day. With doing so, i would like for my followers to get a wide range of music like i receive. The easiest way of going about this is by posting such thoughts, pictures, videos, songs and lyrics on such blog. So please if you find any interest in anything stated in the above sentences, click the follow button and enjoy the posts based on such!:) PLEASE AND THANK YOUUU!!!!:):):):)